Fun with dish soap

It kept them busy for a while

E's bubble beard!

Rock animals

Button Board
Buttons sewn into a piece of scrap fabric, then stapled to a canvas, and used with felt shapes
Great for fine motor skills 

The finished product

Paper plate bird

Snakes with rocks collected from a trip to the beach

Added water the next day, for something different

Painting with magnets 

Edible art!

Painting on birch bark E collected 

Dinosaur playground in cocoa shells

The stuff dreams are made of!

Practicing counting watermelon seeds

The finished product

Yarn dipped in white glue and glitter, then wrapped around a balloon
After the glue is fully dry, pop the balloon and the yarn keeps it's shape

Having fun lacing a paper plate
Great for fine motor skills

Staining birdhouses!

Having fun in popcorn kernels

E's really into creating his own stories 

Time for a break 

The coolest muffin tin ever - Cars 2

Step 1 - 35 magnetic objects

Step 2 - Cover them with packing peanuts, then let the search begin

Play Dough Recipe
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
2 tbs of cream of tartar
1 tbs of oil
1 cup of water
Cook on medium heat for 3-5 min, stirring constantly, until stiff 
I added rainbow rice, corse salt, and lentils to three separate pieces to create different textures

They loved it!

Frogs and turtles sitting lily pads cut from foam paper

Paper plate jelly fish

Crayons glued to a canvas, then the boys melted them with a hairdryer
Next time I wouldn't bother taking all the crayon wrappers off

Playing farm in wood chips

Nature scene made from the treasures collected at the beach 

Bird feeder made from a juice container

Shoelace necklaces
A fun way to work on fine motor skills and spelling!

Paper mache volcano
Juice bottle inside contains baking soda and vinegar to make the eruption  

Cars frozen, then sprayed with salt water
This entertained them on and off for a couple of hours

Shaving cream and water beads

Playing in Jello with cookie cutters!

Paint frozen in popsicle molds

He loved it

Insect Hunters
Beans are a lot less mess than dirt

3/4 cup of water
1 cup of corn starch
a couple drops of desired food colour
Let sit for a few minutes before using
When done must go into garbage, not sink 

Marble madness
Sort by colour, shape, etc.

Finger painting without the mess
Paint sealed in Ziploc bags

Looking for bugs in Easter grass

Colouring on a shower curtain with washable markers
When you are done, hose it down and start over another day 

Fishing lures can serve more than one purpose
(without the hooks of corse)

Deep sea adventure
We LOVE water beads!



05/02/2012 12:36pm

That is amazing and so creative!!

05/11/2012 7:19am

This is so cool Kris! You're an amazing Mamma with 2 amazingly cool little guys.

05/19/2012 11:40am

So cool !!! I love that I can see what you describe over the phone. Your kids are so lucky -- school might be boring for them with a mom like you !!!

05/24/2012 11:58am

How wonderful seeing the boys having so much fun learning - you are doing a remarkable job.

Laura Cunningham
05/27/2012 11:05am

I want to come and play at your house!! So much fun! I will definitely be using some of those ideas with my little guy. You are a fantastic mom and the results show in your beautiful boys. I'm lucky to have you to get mommy advice from!!!

07/16/2012 5:56am

This is awesome! What an amazing way not only to share the boys with friends and family,but to chronicle their art, experiences and reactions to life's fun moments.
I think it is also a guide to " how to be an amazing Mom"! Thanks for sharing with me! I have book marked the blog and will be checking in often. A great way to watch tje boys to grow from a distance


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