The boys are really into bugs lately
Here is another bug project made with an egg carton 

Peacock handprint 

W concentrating really hard creating his paper plate ladybug 

Handprint fire inspired by our recent camping trip 

Pipe-cleaner Spider
Great for fine motor skills

Paper Centipede 

A beautiful flower garden made with magazine cutouts 

Birds on tree branches
The first part of the activity was making the trees
Create the branches using cardboard and paint as a stamp

They turned out so cute!

We made this easy kettle corn recipe as a fun treat to take to the beach:
Air pop popcorn
Add half a cup of pecans
Drizzle one tablespoon of honey and mix together
Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes
When it cools add M&M's 

Fish sun catchers made with coffee filters
Step 1:  Cut out the shape of your fish 
Step 2:  Use a white crayon to fill in the details of how you want your fish to look 
Step 3:  Colour with marker and spray with water

Creating octopus' using recycled materials 

The finished products 

Making inchworms using bingo dabbers 

The boys awesome inchworms

The idea behind this activity was to fill balloons with a mixture of water and paint.  Then break them on the paper and create a beautiful picture.  They had a blast but, some ideas are better in theory...


Nature paint prints
W picked out a bunch of items that he thought would make interesting prints

The beautiful finished product 

This picture is inspired by all of the rain we have had lately
Muffin cups cut in half make great umbrellas

Thumbprint caterpillar 

Handprint Rainbow

Jello Cookies
3 1/2 cups of flour
1 tea baking powder
1 1/2 cups butter softened
1 cup sugar
2 pkg. jello
1 egg
1 tea vanilla
Mix all wet ingredients together, then gradually add dry.  Quickly need with your hands, then shape into balls, dip into remaining box of jello, and flatten with the bottom of a drinking glass.
Bake for 8-10 min on 400 degrees

A flower garden painted with forks 

W made this beautiful bouquet out of coffee filters
Colour the filter with marker, then spray them with water

The boys love to collect treasures like rocks, shells, etc.
W made this chest to keep them all in one place

W's shark  (that is a little fish on the side of the teeth)
The teeth are cut from a paper plate 

The boys tie dying their own shirts

They were very excited about the final outcome 

It rained for a few days in a row, so we decided to make an indoor slide 

W's beautiful spring flower pot!


This footprint robin turned out so cute!

Getting an early start with a few of our summer garden choices
Using old juice containers is a great way to recycle 

Blooming Tree
Yes W is wearing his bike helmet, just because he wanted to

Spring inspired hand print flowers

Book hide and go seek
Hide ten books and read them as the kids find them
This easy activity makes reading a thrill 


W making bunny ears
I couldn't get him to stop hopping long enough to get a good picture 

The Egg in Vinegar Experiment 
Immediately the egg became covered in bubbles
After one week soaking in vinegar (in the fridge) the shell had dissolved and the egg became translucent 

The boys thought it was fascinating that the shell was gone 
They loved the rubbery feeling of the egg 

It only took me a couple of minutes to make this Easter themed word search, but it kept E occupied for a while
Great for reading  

W making a rainbow using cut up paint chips 

The vibrant finished product 

Using Q-tips to paint paper eggs

E proud of the egg banner 

Surprisingly only one egg was cracked in this process!

The vibrant eggs 
It was the boys idea to put stickers on them to make patterns 

Learning how to make maple syrup 

Making chicks with handprint wings 

Easter inspired sensory bin


Planet Earth
Colour a coffee filter with washable markers, then spray with a water bottle

Gummy Bear Experiment 

-it will sink
-it will grow
-it will change colour

-it sank
-it became covered in bubbles
-it grew bigger
-the colour lightened 
-it became slippery 

E busy working on his love bug

The fished projects 

Revealing hidden messages
Write messages on white paper with white crayons, then paint with water colours to uncover what they say

One of the messages 

Love trees cut from magazines 

Valentine's theme sensory bin
Made with salt 

I love how you can take a regular snack, like strawberries and present it to a kid in a different way and it is like they are tasting them for the first time

Getting ready to play our Valentine's theme memory game

Great for memory and reading

W was so proud when he found a match


Our bean and lentil dessert 

One of our rhyming turn dials made from a toilet paper roll

We made a race car track out of tape
They decided it also made a great running race track

'Dancing Raisins' Science experiment
-1 Cup of water
-1 tbs of baking soda (mix with water until dissolved)
-add 1/4 cup of raisins
-1 tbs white vinegar 

Once the vinegar is added the raisins slowly begin to rise and fall like they are 'dancing'
The boys were fascinated by the chemical reaction

I love when the boys make up their own art activitys!
E decided to make these special arms that turned him into a robot man

Testing what materials are magnetic and what aren't

W would scream when he found a magnetic one

The boys love playing with water beads!

Design a snowflake using tape, then cover the picture with paint

When you are done painting, peel the tape off and you get these beautiful snowflakes

W had a blast painting the snow!

He used squirt bottles filled with water and a few drops of food colouring

This layered Jello activity goes out to my Grandma, the 'Queen' of Jello

For some reason playing with snow indoors is way more fun!


We painted these cute reindeer hoodies to give as Christmas gifts   I got the deer template free on this website:

Popsicle stick reindeer

The boys helped me bake and decorate gingerbread men
They said they decorated them to look like themselves 

Busy making toilet paper roll angels 
E is tracing his hands to make the wings

The finished product

We had a bunch of buttons, so we decided to make them into Christmas lights on houses

W painting a Christmas tree using bubble wrap

An ornament made from a yogurt lid 

Decorating shortbread cookies
E caught red handed eating the decorations

Reindeer made from fingerprints

Decorating Christmas trees made with contact paper

Making candy canes using construction paper and batting

The finished product

Christmas trees made out of scrap ribbon 

W thought it was hilarious making a reindeer out of his hand and foot prints

The finished reindeer 

The boys glued sparkly jewels to their trees to make them look like Christmas lights

Our natural pine cone garland 

For most people Halloween ended back in October, but for W it's December and I don't think the costumes are going anywhere anytime soon!


The boys had a blast making "Gram Cracker" houses

Obviously eating the houses was the best part!

The boys love making "Shrinky Dinks"
First you colour them

Then you watch them shrink and turn into a hard plastic in the oven

The before and after size difference
The boys made some of them into key chains 

Homemade bowling pin set, inspired by our recent trip the the bowling alley

The classic paint by numbers activity never gets old

W wanted to make a skipping rope with all these leftover ropes and ribbons

It was a group effort to knot, untangle, and sort
This is an awesome fine motor activity

W using the final product

Paint chips taped together to make a basketball

Crazy monster guys!  
Made using a Monster book kit

Making a home reno into an art project 
W thought it was awesome that he got to paint the fireplace


Combining art and snack!
The boys love pumpkin seeds

The classic paper towel ghosts
Aren't they photogenic?

Q-Tip skeletons

The boys making cupcakes for Elias to take to school

The finished product 

Making cleaning up leaves fun!

E's new teepee.  Made using this link:

We have a ton of boxes from the move and it has given the boys endless entertainment.  They have made everything from cars, to houses, to space ships, etc.

Back in the spring the boys planted pumpkin seeds, watched them grow, and produced their own little pumpkin patch

W very excited for his cooking class to start

Busy making pumpkin spiced muffins

Thanksgiving turkey craft

Bubble painting
Just add food colouring to bubble solution

The finished product 

Apple prints


The boys collected fall leaves to make these awesome crowns

Egg carton bats

The boy's latest obsession is making their own juice

The best apple juice ever!

Busy making paper pumpkins 

Proud of their creations 

Making tissue paper corn on the cob art
Crumple squares of tissue paper and place on glue

W was very proud of his finished product 

Stain glass leaf

Apple picking on a beautiful fall afternoon


They are too funny!

We collected leaves on our hike and made leaf rub pictures

Making fall trees, by dapping Q-tips in paint