We painted these cute reindeer hoodies to give as Christmas gifts   I got the deer template free on this website: 

Popsicle stick reindeer

The boys helped me bake and decorate gingerbread men
They said they decorated them to look like themselves 

Busy making toilet paper roll angels 
E is tracing his hands to make the wings

The finished product

We had a bunch of buttons, so we decided to make them into Christmas lights on houses

W painting a Christmas tree using bubble wrap

An ornament made from a yogurt lid 

Decorating shortbread cookies
E caught red handed eating the decorations

Reindeer made from fingerprints

Decorating Christmas trees made with contact paper

Making candy canes using construction paper and batting

The finished product

Christmas trees made out of scrap ribbon 

W thought it was hilarious making a reindeer out of his hand and foot prints

The finished reindeer 

The boys glued sparkly jewels to their trees to make them look like Christmas lights

Our natural pine cone garland 

For most people Halloween ended back in October, but for W it's December and I don't think the costumes are going anywhere anytime soon!



01/02/2013 9:26am

Those hoodies are super -- Robbie said he would wear one too !!! Maybe I will make a family set !
Hopefully everyone liked thier gifts !

01/02/2013 9:28am

Robbie wants to know what you do with all of the crafts -- he thinks your house must be full. We love it !!!!


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