W making bunny ears
I couldn't get him to stop hopping long enough to get a good picture 

The Egg in Vinegar Experiment 
Immediately the egg became covered in bubbles
After one week soaking in vinegar (in the fridge) the shell had dissolved and the egg became translucent 

The boys thought it was fascinating that the shell was gone 
They loved the rubbery feeling of the egg 

It only took me a couple of minutes to make this Easter themed word search, but it kept E occupied for a while
Great for reading  

W making a rainbow using cut up paint chips 

The vibrant finished product 

Using Q-tips to paint paper eggs

E proud of the egg banner 

Surprisingly only one egg was cracked in this process!

The vibrant eggs 
It was the boys idea to put stickers on them to make patterns 

Learning how to make maple syrup 

Making chicks with handprint wings 

Easter inspired sensory bin



03/19/2013 7:55am

Loving' your great ideas ! The boys look great and so do the sneak peaks of your home. Glad you had an awesome break !


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