Planet Earth
Colour a coffee filter with washable markers, then spray with a water bottle

Gummy Bear Experiment 

-it will sink
-it will grow
-it will change colour

-it sank
-it became covered in bubbles
-it grew bigger
-the colour lightened 
-it became slippery 

E busy working on his love bug

The fished projects 

Revealing hidden messages
Write messages on white paper with white crayons, then paint with water colours to uncover what they say

One of the messages 

Love trees cut from magazines 

Valentine's theme sensory bin
Made with salt 

I love how you can take a regular snack, like strawberries and present it to a kid in a different way and it is like they are tasting them for the first time

Getting ready to play our Valentine's theme memory game

Great for memory and reading

W was so proud when he found a match



02/01/2013 6:02pm

Loving the decor in the background !!!!


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