The boys are really into bugs lately
Here is another bug project made with an egg carton 

Peacock handprint 

W concentrating really hard creating his paper plate ladybug 

Handprint fire inspired by our recent camping trip 

Pipe-cleaner Spider
Great for fine motor skills

Paper Centipede 

A beautiful flower garden made with magazine cutouts 

Birds on tree branches
The first part of the activity was making the trees
Create the branches using cardboard and paint as a stamp

They turned out so cute!

We made this easy kettle corn recipe as a fun treat to take to the beach:
Air pop popcorn
Add half a cup of pecans
Drizzle one tablespoon of honey and mix together
Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes
When it cools add M&M's 

Fish sun catchers made with coffee filters
Step 1:  Cut out the shape of your fish 
Step 2:  Use a white crayon to fill in the details of how you want your fish to look 
Step 3:  Colour with marker and spray with water

Creating octopus' using recycled materials 

The finished products 

Making inchworms using bingo dabbers 

The boys awesome inchworms

The idea behind this activity was to fill balloons with a mixture of water and paint.  Then break them on the paper and create a beautiful picture.  They had a blast but, some ideas are better in theory...



06/07/2013 4:44am

Loved the fork tulips -- we made them at school and Emily made one for my dad's birthday card. Next week I will be using your inch worm idea at school (and probably at home too). You need to keep blogging !!! I love knowing what you guys are up to!


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