Our bean and lentil dessert 

One of our rhyming turn dials made from a toilet paper roll

We made a race car track out of tape
They decided it also made a great running race track

'Dancing Raisins' Science experiment
-1 Cup of water
-1 tbs of baking soda (mix with water until dissolved)
-add 1/4 cup of raisins
-1 tbs white vinegar 

Once the vinegar is added the raisins slowly begin to rise and fall like they are 'dancing'
The boys were fascinated by the chemical reaction

I love when the boys make up their own art activitys!
E decided to make these special arms that turned him into a robot man

Testing what materials are magnetic and what aren't

W would scream when he found a magnetic one

The boys love playing with water beads!

Design a snowflake using tape, then cover the picture with paint

When you are done painting, peel the tape off and you get these beautiful snowflakes

W had a blast painting the snow!

He used squirt bottles filled with water and a few drops of food colouring

This layered Jello activity goes out to my Grandma, the 'Queen' of Jello

For some reason playing with snow indoors is way more fun!



01/09/2013 5:29pm

Looks delicious !!!!!

09/26/2014 6:11am

They just can't wait to have them. :)


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