Making a tissue paper maple leaf

Crumple the tissue paper into a ball and dip it in glue, then place on the leaf
This is the beautiful finished product 

Paper plate fish 

Abstract symmetrical prints 
1. Paint one side of a page (use lots of paint)
2. Fold it over and flatten it out
3. Open the page and try to figure out what you think it looks like
4. Let it dry, then decorate it
E saw a turtle, trees, butterfly, and crab 

Getting messy, making owl handprint pictures

The finished product 

Making a peach tree
First E cut out the tree

Then he made fingerprints for the peaches

The peach tree

Making Jello Worms
Use bendy straws and pack them together very tightly in a tall container 
2 packages of strawberry Jello
1 package of gelatin 
3/4 cup of whipping cream
3 cups of boiling water
10 drops of green food colouring
Stir together boiling water, Jello, and gelatin.  Let cool for about 15 minutes then add food colouring, and whipping cream.  Pour into straws and put in the fridge for 8 hours.  Run the straws under warm water to squish the worms out.  

The boys went crazy for this snack
They were pretending they were birds while they ate the worms

Making owls out of toilet paper rolls
W said, "The wings look much more like a hat then a wing."  

The finished product 

Using a kit to build an ice cream truck 

E was so proud of the finished product 

We made eggs to go in an abandoned nest
The boys found rocks and covered them in glue, then rolled them in flour

Face painting is always fun
A few minutes after this picture was taken W ran through a splash pad and had black dripping down his face



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