Glow in the dark painting
Cut open a glow stick and mix it with paint 

Glow in the dark bathtub 
The boys set them up like they were the Olympic rings 

I wanted to share this picture because I LOVE this tree house and I wish we had it in our backyard

For some reason, putting watermelon on a stick and calling it a lollipop makes it taste way better! 

The I Spy Game
Step one - Find a bunch of items that can fit inside a plastic bottle

Step 2 - Put the items inside a bottle and fill it with rice.  Then let the kids shake it and find all the objects

Bugs made from egg cartons 

Orange peel bird feeder 

Here is another Olympic themed craft - Gold Medals 
We used jar lids and decorated them with stickers, then taped ribbons to them

The boys had a so much fun doing a scavenger hunt today!
Here are the items they had to look for

They were really into it

Making a picture of an ice cream cone

Colour the ice cream, then turn it upside down and do painted hand prints to create the look of melting ice cream

It was E's idea to make boxes into robots 

Being robots

It all started with some seeds (Spring 2012)

Throughout spring and summer the boys loved to water and tend to the garden

Their favorite snack is peas 

With the Olympic games starting in a couple of weeks, I decided to do an Olympic inspired craft
We made pictures of the Olympic rings using a cut up cardboard roll

The finished product 

Our nature experiment - The metamorphosis of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly
First we found four monarch catterpillars

After a couple days of munching on milkweed leaves, they began to create their chrysalis

In the chrysalis 

They changed from beautiful mint green to black

The amazing final result - a gorgeous butterfly 

When the wings were ready, it was time to set it free
The boys were enthralled with the entire process

Two more hatched the next day

Making a beautiful blooming tree, using a plastic bottle as a stamp for the flowers

Having fun with crayons meant to decorate car windows 

On an adventure at a trout incubation facility

Hedgehogs made from styrofoam balls and golf tees 

Making a sunflower
E working on his cutting skills

Gluing sunflower seeds to the flower

The finished product



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