Making a tissue paper maple leaf

Crumple the tissue paper into a ball and dip it in glue, then place on the leaf
This is the beautiful finished product 

Paper plate fish 

Abstract symmetrical prints 
1. Paint one side of a page (use lots of paint)
2. Fold it over and flatten it out
3. Open the page and try to figure out what you think it looks like
4. Let it dry, then decorate it
E saw a turtle, trees, butterfly, and crab 

Getting messy, making owl handprint pictures

The finished product 

Making a peach tree
First E cut out the tree

Then he made fingerprints for the peaches

The peach tree

Making Jello Worms
Use bendy straws and pack them together very tightly in a tall container 
2 packages of strawberry Jello
1 package of gelatin 
3/4 cup of whipping cream
3 cups of boiling water
10 drops of green food colouring
Stir together boiling water, Jello, and gelatin.  Let cool for about 15 minutes then add food colouring, and whipping cream.  Pour into straws and put in the fridge for 8 hours.  Run the straws under warm water to squish the worms out.  

The boys went crazy for this snack
They were pretending they were birds while they ate the worms

Making owls out of toilet paper rolls
W said, "The wings look much more like a hat then a wing."  

The finished product 

Using a kit to build an ice cream truck 

E was so proud of the finished product 

We made eggs to go in an abandoned nest
The boys found rocks and covered them in glue, then rolled them in flour

Face painting is always fun
A few minutes after this picture was taken W ran through a splash pad and had black dripping down his face


Glow in the dark painting
Cut open a glow stick and mix it with paint 

Glow in the dark bathtub 
The boys set them up like they were the Olympic rings 

I wanted to share this picture because I LOVE this tree house and I wish we had it in our backyard

For some reason, putting watermelon on a stick and calling it a lollipop makes it taste way better! 

The I Spy Game
Step one - Find a bunch of items that can fit inside a plastic bottle

Step 2 - Put the items inside a bottle and fill it with rice.  Then let the kids shake it and find all the objects

Bugs made from egg cartons 

Orange peel bird feeder 

Here is another Olympic themed craft - Gold Medals 
We used jar lids and decorated them with stickers, then taped ribbons to them

The boys had a so much fun doing a scavenger hunt today!
Here are the items they had to look for

They were really into it

Making a picture of an ice cream cone

Colour the ice cream, then turn it upside down and do painted hand prints to create the look of melting ice cream

It was E's idea to make boxes into robots 

Being robots

It all started with some seeds (Spring 2012)

Throughout spring and summer the boys loved to water and tend to the garden

Their favorite snack is peas 

With the Olympic games starting in a couple of weeks, I decided to do an Olympic inspired craft
We made pictures of the Olympic rings using a cut up cardboard roll

The finished product 

Our nature experiment - The metamorphosis of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly
First we found four monarch catterpillars

After a couple days of munching on milkweed leaves, they began to create their chrysalis

In the chrysalis 

They changed from beautiful mint green to black

The amazing final result - a gorgeous butterfly 

When the wings were ready, it was time to set it free
The boys were enthralled with the entire process

Two more hatched the next day

Making a beautiful blooming tree, using a plastic bottle as a stamp for the flowers

Having fun with crayons meant to decorate car windows 

On an adventure at a trout incubation facility

Hedgehogs made from styrofoam balls and golf tees 

Making a sunflower
E working on his cutting skills

Gluing sunflower seeds to the flower

The finished product


E drawing a picture with glue, then sprinkling it with sand

His bear turned out really well

Making stamps using cardboard that came with the iron we purchased

Searching for jewels in sand 

Sifting for treasures in action 

This is one of my favorite art creations the boys have ever done!
Step one:  Grind crayons (I used my hand blender, but you could use a cheese grader)

Step 2:  Sprinkle between two pieces of wax paper

Step 3:  Cover with an old rag, and iron them
This is what they come out looking like

Step 4:  Cut into a triangle and sew or glue to a piece of ribbon
The finished product is this gorgeous sun catching banner

Getting fresh eggs
Have you ever seen anyone so happy to see chickens?

Strawberry picking 

I managed to hold the boys back from eating enough to make jam

Painting with water balloons

The finished product

Our new funnel stand

It occupied them for a while

Water balloon painting
Step one - Freeze a few water balloons, then cut the balloon off 

Step 2 - Find a surface to roll them on and add paint
The boys favorite part was rolling the the balls and trying to hit a specific colour 

The work of art

It was really hot today, so the boys wanted to make fresh ice cream


Currently E's favorite art activity to do  
Sticker pictures

The finished product

Launching a water balloon rocket!
In my opinion, you are never too old or young to have a blast at a water balloon fight 

Beans and lentils 

W decided to bake a cake 

Splatter painting!

It turned out awesome

A baby snapper a long way from home

Let the rescue mission begin

Never too distracted to pick me a flower

Back home safe and sound!

This really works

Solidifies instantly

Makes an awesome texture 

It was the boys idea to make a sky high fresh fruit pie

Melty beads pictures

W and I did teamwork on the robot
E created the owl cyclops

Treasures collected from a few outings

It is so interesting to see the way the boys decide to play with the sensory bins
In this case, the first thing they chose to do was smell everything

Sidewalk paint
2 cups of water
1/2 cup of cornstarch
*optional - add food colouring 

Painting on different texture grades of sandpaper

Tropical creatures in sand

They loved to bury the creatures, then search for them

Shaving cream mixed with a little red paint

They love painting on the windows!

We had a few rainy days in a row, so we had to think of some indoor fun  
It was E's idea to make bean bags.

The finished product

I found dollar store tarp that we rarely use and turned it into a bean bag toss game

This kid has a serious pitching arm 

It's fun to deviate from always using a paint brush when you paint  E had a blast using a fly swatter 

Having fun counting and learning addition using a bingo dabber

Proud of his work

Deep sea fishing

Doing a little teamwork

Magnetic fishing game
Each fish has a word on the back side, and a paper clip attached

Use a stick with a magnet tied to the end as a fishing rod

Great for learning to read!

Once they learn the set of words, I make new fish 

Painting with chocolate pudding
For those who are not afraid of a mess!

I'd say this face is worth the clean up

They had so much fun


Numbered rocks for counting and putting in order

Cotton balls are great for sorting by colour, size, etc.

Their favorite part was putting balls in the eggs and pretending a baby chick was hatching

Working hard on bottle cap bugs

The finished product

1 cup of white glue
1/2 cup of liquid laundry soap


Fun with dish soap

It kept them busy for a while

E's bubble beard!

Rock animals

Button Board
Buttons sewn into a piece of scrap fabric, then stapled to a canvas, and used with felt shapes
Great for fine motor skills 

The finished product

Paper plate bird

Snakes with rocks collected from a trip to the beach

Added water the next day, for something different

Painting with magnets 

Edible art!

Painting on birch bark E collected 

Dinosaur playground in cocoa shells

The stuff dreams are made of!

Practicing counting watermelon seeds

The finished product

Yarn dipped in white glue and glitter, then wrapped around a balloon
After the glue is fully dry, pop the balloon and the yarn keeps it's shape

Having fun lacing a paper plate
Great for fine motor skills

Staining birdhouses!

Having fun in popcorn kernels

E's really into creating his own stories 

Time for a break 

The coolest muffin tin ever - Cars 2

Step 1 - 35 magnetic objects

Step 2 - Cover them with packing peanuts, then let the search begin

Play Dough Recipe
1 cup of flour
1/2 cup of salt
2 tbs of cream of tartar
1 tbs of oil
1 cup of water
Cook on medium heat for 3-5 min, stirring constantly, until stiff 
I added rainbow rice, corse salt, and lentils to three separate pieces to create different textures

They loved it!

Frogs and turtles sitting lily pads cut from foam paper

Paper plate jelly fish

Crayons glued to a canvas, then the boys melted them with a hairdryer
Next time I wouldn't bother taking all the crayon wrappers off

Playing farm in wood chips

Nature scene made from the treasures collected at the beach 

Bird feeder made from a juice container

Shoelace necklaces
A fun way to work on fine motor skills and spelling!

Paper mache volcano
Juice bottle inside contains baking soda and vinegar to make the eruption  

Cars frozen, then sprayed with salt water
This entertained them on and off for a couple of hours

Shaving cream and water beads

Playing in Jello with cookie cutters!

Paint frozen in popsicle molds

He loved it

Insect Hunters
Beans are a lot less mess than dirt

3/4 cup of water
1 cup of corn starch
a couple drops of desired food colour
Let sit for a few minutes before using
When done must go into garbage, not sink 

Marble madness
Sort by colour, shape, etc.

Finger painting without the mess
Paint sealed in Ziploc bags

Looking for bugs in Easter grass

Colouring on a shower curtain with washable markers
When you are done, hose it down and start over another day 

Fishing lures can serve more than one purpose
(without the hooks of corse)

Deep sea adventure
We LOVE water beads!